Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kyrgyzstan Update -- Call to Action

As you have read on this blog, for months and months families have been trying to get their children home from Kyrgyzstan to no avail. Efforts continue to be made but still no children have made it home. Next week six families are meeting with Kyrgyz officials who will be in Washington, D.C. They are a wonderful cross-representation of all the 65 families who are waiting. I know they will do all in their power to help these officials to understand why Americans want to adopt their children and how strongly they already love these children and want to provide good lives for them.

I got this email on Friday. I would like to encourage anyone who will to take the time to make the calls and send the emails to their representatives. The details are below. I know I will be making my calls and sending my emails and continuing my prayers.


CALL TO ACTION: Kyrgyzstan

Dear Friends and Families,

As noted in Joint Council's President & CEO's communication yesterday Joint Council has worked closely with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) to secure a 15 minute meeting with Congressional Staffers and the six families traveling to Washington D.C. to represent the group. The meeting will occur just before the Kyrgyz delegation meets with Congressional staffers. In order to ensure that as many Congressional Offices are in attendance at the two meetings Joint Council is initiating a Call to Action requesting the 65 families contact their Senators and Congressmen. Joint Council requests that all families contact their U.S. Senators and Congresspersons on Tuesday, May 26th. The purpose of your call is to request they attend the meetings on Friday, May 29th. Please note that Friday, May 29th is during a Congressional Recess.

On Tuesday, May 26th we request that you do the following:

1) Call both of your U.S. Senators and your representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives:

You can find your Senators' phone numbers and email address at

You can find your Representatives' phone numbers and email address at

2) Include the following in your calls and emails:

"As constituents, I/we urge the Senator/Congressperson to attend the meeting with Kyrgyz officials hosted by Senator Landrieu and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute on Friday, May 29th."

If they have not heard about the meeting, ask them to contact the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute at (202) 544-8500 or Joint Council at (703) 535-8045.

3) Send an email to everyone you called:

The email is important, but the phone call should be placed first.
Additionally, feel free to forward this request to your friends and family, asking them to contact their Senators and Congresspersons requesting they attend the meeting.

Thank you!

Rebecca Harris
Government Relations and Communications Manager

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Kimberly said...

Maria - thank you, thank you, thank you for the many ways that you continue to advocate for the children of Kyrgyzstan! I feel blessed as one of the waiting moms to know that you continue to pray and advocate for the children!