Tuesday, June 9, 2009

14 Minutes in the Life of a 14 month old ...

Warning ... photo heavy post (ha -- when are mine not?)

This afternoon while Josh, Kevin and Braiden were busy replacing an inner tube on Josh's dirt bike wheel, I decided to follow Ellie around for a few minutes to document what life with a little one is like (lest I ever forget, eh?).

The following are the results of just 14 minutes with our Princess (and while I didn't actually time it, it was a very, very short time span) . . .

Playing with her kitchen:

Followed by watching out the window looking for Bubba:

She then started to climb the stairs.
She got distracted with Josh's AWANA book and decided to stop and read a bit.

After throwing her shoes off the steps and being carried back down, she found her way over to ride on her "Ellie"phant.

She got bored with that very quickly and moved over and found Uncle Derrek's picture and looked at it.
Fortunately (for her anyway), the picture was close to the dog's water bowl (always a no-no) and she had to attempt to ram her hands down in that.

After being physically removed from the doggy water area, she decided to pet the dog, Sunshine.

Then she went back to the area I had just removed her from and, with the cat's supervision, took the air vent out of the floor.

After I put the air vent back, I found her walking along the cabinets trying to open them. Thank goodness for child locks.

Then it was around the corner to the living room and her books. She picked several up, dropping them on the floor until she found one she could tolerate for a few seconds.

That quickly bored her and she opened the diaper genie.

Beside the diaper genie she found two balls and practiced banging them together.

Then, she took one of the balls back to where she started, at her kitchen, and played with them, dropping them through the shute.

The ball rolled under and piece of furniture and she tried to find it.

Unable to find her ball, she went back to pat the cat and look out the front door.

Finding nothing of interest, she decided to see if she was tall enough to reach the door knob. Thank goodness, she is not, yet ...

She sat down and became immensely interested in her toes that we had painted a few days before.

She found another ball and practiced dropping it in a box and looking for it, then eating it.

She went over to her "toy box" (a stool with storage) and dug deep to find a toy and chewed on it.
After boring of the toy, she discovered her toes -- again -- and sat fascinated with them for a bit.
Upon realizing she was close to the refrigerator, she pulled the bottom vent off.
And, to end our time, she went back over to the back door and stared out at her daddy and brother up in the back yard.
She's a busy, busy, busy little girl. Can't WAIT for her to start walking well.


Allison said...

Holy cow! I am exhausted just reading this post. She gets more adorable every time I see her. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks:)

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh dear, you are in trouble! HAHA!! But, she is so adorable!

Kelli said...

Hmmmm...looks very familiar! Except Aiden would be so jealous to see that Ellie has a cat that will get that close to her!

Ivy Lee said...

I love that post. That sounds so much like our life with our little man, sans the pets and stairs. A couple of months ago, we couldn't find Dylan's plates and then a few weeks later, we found all 3 under the overn. Aren't they always so busy?

Jackie said...

Oh, this is such a cute post. I may have to do the same one of these days. Guess I should come out of blog hiding, first!!

Go Ellie, Go!

multimom said...

Ah, yes, the energy and curiosity of a little one! I know what you are going through, since Bethany is only a wee bit older than Ellie. It's never-ending! I wish I had their stamina and energy! It's just go, go, go!


The Stahnke's said...

I'm exhausted looking at the pictures, but I guess I live this story every day with Andrew. Sometimes you don't realize how busy they really are!

Mayme said...

This all seems very familiar!

Margaret and Tom said...

I love her little kitchen set and kitchen sink, can I ask what brand it is? Drop me a email if you get a chance....although with Ellie walking now you may be a bit busy.... :)

Lori said...

Holy cow, am I tired! I think I'll just cover the house with rubber and call it a day.