Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ellie Stays with the Grandparents

We told Josh a while back that when Night At the Museum 2 came out we'd have "date night" with just him, and we'd get a babysitter for Ellie. We found out it was playing at our local "cheap" theatre in Springfield and we made a date for tonight. Ellie was all set to stay with my parents for a few hours.

While there, she got her pictures made by DeeDee. I've included several below. (Daddy, don't be upset, I cropped a few of them *smile*). Isn't she a cutie? He did a great job of capturing her true personality and her exploring!

This is the outfit she wore to Mother's Day Out today -- where she got bit. Poor baby. I'm not upset, though, because I've been the parent on the other side of the biting as Josh bit someone in daycare once. Poor things, they are teething and their teeth hurt and they get frustrated with other kids and can't talk, so they bite. Ellie does have a bite mark on her upper arm. I feel bad for her because I know it must have hurt. *sigh*

Anyway, on to the pictures:

As for the movie: if you saw the first one and loved it, you'll be disappointed. It not nearly as funny and a wee bit slow. I kept waiting for it to pop and it never did. Wait for the Redbox rental.

Stayed tuned for cuteness overload as we get to meet up with some other Kyrgyz cuties (the girls) and Russian hotties (the boys, of course) at the zoo tomorrow! Of course, we are taking along our "homegrown" boys too, so there will be photos of them as well.

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