Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bathing Beauties

Ellie and Josh spent some time in her little wading pool this afternoon. Josh was a wee bit big for the wading pool, but it was so very, very sweet seeing the two of them in it together, playing and having fun. One day, they will both treasure having these pictures of the sweet times they shared together. It's the reason I knew that Josh needed a sibling.

After swimming, Ellie began her routine of checking out Josh's dental work. We laugh and say she's going to be a dentist one day because she is fascinated with looking inside your mouth -- running her entire hand in to touch your teeth.

Apparently, Josh passed the dental exam -- he's all smiles!


Jackie said...

Beautiful pics of the contents of your heart, Maria :)

Hilary Marquis said...

He's such a good big brother, and she is such a little princess!