Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellie -- 15 months

Today is The Princess' 15 month birthday -- how in the WORLD did that happen???? Wasn't it just a few months back we were celebrating her four month birthday when she was on the other side of the world??

Regardless, I wanted to post a happy birthday to her. Today we are headed to the doctor and then I think we'll go to the park to play so I can take some photos of my babies. Haven't had any in a while. I'm so burned out from working so hard yesterday that I need a break and some fun. We might even get ICE CREAM to celebrate -- yeah, that sounds like a perfectly wonderful idea.

Stay tuned for fun photos tonight!!


Kelli said...

Happy 15 months Ellie! Ice cream sounds like a great way to celebrate!

Lori said...

Happy 15-month, Ellie!!!! You're such a cutie!