Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moving Mountains - Softening Hearts

We are reminded many times in the Bible through various stories of how God has softened people's hearts. He has also allowed people to harden their hearts toward Him, but that's another story for another day.

As I continue to do daily, I read and monitor the blogs of the families who are still waiting to bring their children home from Kyrgyzstan. This past weekend, several waiting families and adoptive families travelled to Washington DC to meet with Kyrygz officials to share their stories.

I've been blessed with each retelling of the story of those days and the events that surrounded them. Many of the blogs are private and so sharing the links is not appropriate, but there is one blog that captures the story of a little boy, adopted from Kyrgyzstan, who bravely travelled to Washington DC to share his story in order to help bring home other children. My heart is so touched whenever God chooses to use children to soften the hearts of adults -- and I continue to see it time after time. Each time, however, I am moved anew. It is a fervent reminder that God continues to use the smallest, the meekest, the most humble and the least expected of us, to do great things. Kenny probably has no idea of the impact he has likely made on the lives of countless orphans in his native country. God does. God knew the purpose of his life and where He would use him long before he was born. Visit his mom's blog to read her story of their travels to Washington. She has done a fantastic job of capturing the story -- just like the countless others I have read.

I pray so frequently for these families and these children, but the truth is, there are millions of orphans like the 65 who are waiting in Kyrgyzstan. God promised us a daughter, our Ellie, and my heart continues to tell me that He WILL bring those 65 children home to their families. It is a fact that I don't doubt. Reading the stories of how He softened the hearts of these officials and of the tears flowing, it reaffirms my faith, my belief in His powers and abilities and most importantly, His LOVE for these families and children. During our very, very long wait to adopt, I was reminded frequently that this would happen in His time, not mine. I am reminded again that these children will also come home in His time, and not mine -- as I would have them home now. There are reasons that we may never understand this side of heaven, for this delay, and it is hard to understand or comprehend. Maybe there needed to be adoption reform in that country; maybe He needs to reveal Himself to someone, to change their lives and faith through this process; a thousand maybes could be offered, but this I know, He is continuing to move mountains and He will bring these children home.

And, a beautiful little child has helped that process along. Thank you, Kenny. (And, of course, all the others who participated in this process and are doing all they can to help this process move more quickly and to bring these children home sooner.)

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