Monday, June 22, 2009

A Little More Couponing -- Target Cashiers Rock

Sunday I went to use up some coupons. I knew that Target had their Glade Sense n' Spray on sale for $5.99 (normally $9.99) and I had several coupons. I had bought one of these a while back for Josh's room and it's fantastic. It goes off when it senses motion. Then it shuts down for 30 minutes or later if there is no motion. There are two "scents" -- Apple Cinnamon and Clean Linen (or something similar to that name).

I was excited that I got to "stack" coupons. For those of you who don't regularly use coupons, this is a process whereby you are able to use two coupons for one product. Here's how I did it. I had a coupon for $4.00 off the Sense and Spray unit. THEN, I had a coupon for "Buy one Sense and Spray unit and get a free refill." Since I was obviously buying a unit, I got the refill free. Therefore, a unit and a refill ended up costing $1.99. Since this would normally have cost $13.75, I was doing the happy dance. I had three such coupons I could stack so I got three.

Then I was also able to stack coupons for Lysol Neutra Air. I had a BOGOF coupon and a coupon for $1.50 off one. I ended up getting six cans for $3.12. Pretty good considering one can was $2.54. I've already given one of those away to my neighbor who gives me his coupons each week (gotta' share the love, huh?). The Lysol sprayer air thing (like the Sense and Spray) was also on sale for $5.99 (down from $11.99) and I had a $4 coupon for that as well. Another $1.99 air freshner thing! Yay!!

I also had four coupons for $.75 off Arm and Hammer toothpaste and it's always been too expensive during triple coupons, so I realized in Target that there were no size limitations on the product so I got four trial sized Arm and Hammer toothpastes and paid a total of $.16 for them. They will be great to have for travel for Kevin or camps for Josh.

But, the main reason for my post was to comment on what an excellent job the cashier at Target did checking me out. One day recently at Publix, it took two cashiers and a manager to ring up my coupons and they still couldn't get it right. The cashier at Target did not make one mistake and was very pleasant about it all. Considering I had probably 20 coupons, that was fantastic. I made a point to stop a manager on my way out and tell them what a great job she did.

So, Lori, if you are reading, you can use your coupons anywhere -- not just at the grocery store. I have always been pleased with my coupon usage at Target. While they don't double or triple, when they have items on sale and you have a coupon, it's usually a good deal.


Lori said...

Funny...I'm on my way to Target today and have a couple of coupons I thought I'd try. Can't wait to see how it goes!!!!! As always, I'm inspired!

Marnie and Jeremy said...

Way to go! However, I am just a little concerned about your odor problem. What kind of stink are you trying to cover up with all that air freshner!