Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Josh: No New is Good News -- I Guess

We were told we wouldn't hear from Josh while he was at camp unless there was a problem. We haven't heard from him. Granted, he has only been gone two days, but it seems like it has been a lifetime. There are still two more LONG days to go and then a half day before he's home.

Kevin and I were sitting at the table last night working on our computers and Kevin looked up at me and said, "It's awfully quiet here." As much as I complain about Josh's noise and mess, I really, really miss him (and his noise and mess!!). I don't like not having him here. It's just not right. Parents whose children have gone to camp understand what I'm talking about.

Every hour or so, I look at the clock and wonder what he's doing, if there's a problem and there's no one there to handle it for him (because you know no one will handle it like me, right? *smile*). I wonder if he's bathing and brushing his teeth (and thinking he's probably not), if he's drinking sodas all day long, if he's already spent all his money, if he's behaving, if he's made new friends, if he's getting along, if he's having fun, if he's safe, if he's homesick --- well, the list goes on and on. I want to know that he's o.k.

And, when he comes home, I'm certain this is exactly how the conversation will go,
"Josh, I'm so glad you are home. Did you have a good time?"
"Well, did you have fun?"
"What did you do all week?"
"Well, you must have done something. Did you go swimming?"
"Did you enjoy creek stomping?"
"Did you get in trouble?"
"Did you make any new friends?"
"Was the food good?"
"No -- can you stop asking me so many questions?"
"Well, I just want to hear all about it."
"I'm tired; I don't want to talk. Can you stop at McDonalds?"

So, now that I've had the conversation, I suppose I won't have to have the conversation, right?

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