Monday, June 29, 2009

As Promised -- Photos

As promised earlier today -- new photos of "us".

Here are the boys and Ellie waiting at the doctor's office. Ellie officially moved up on the charts. At 15 months, she is 29" long (13th percentile), weighs 19 lbs, 6 oz (6th percentile) and her head measures 45.9 cm (51st percentile and evening out finally). The doctor was very pleased with all areas of her development. He thought it was funny that she was so freaked out by him and crying, but when he put her down on the ground to see her walk, she turned around, ran to him with her hands up and wanted him to pick her up. It was funny. She had already started to cry from the time the nurse hit the door and was freaked out by being measured, weighed and having her ears looked into. She calmed down by the time we left as she did not have to have any shots. Always a good visit for her if there are no shots!!

After the doctor's visit, we went across the street to Sonic for mini sundaes. Ellie looks surprised, doesn't she? WHAT? No Shots???

After ice cream, it was down the road to the park. We met a sweet Vietnamese mom there who was so very interested in Ellie that she came over to visit with her. Ellie thought she was pretty cool -- for about five seconds -- and then went about climbing all over me. The mom asked where she was, and thought Ellie was "very light skinned". She has a daughter who is 14 months old (not with her) so she talked a lot about what her daughter did too. She commented about our adoption (and was very supportive) and said she knew Ellie would one day ask about her adoption because "she'll realize she doesn't look like you". She was very kind about it, so it was not offensive at all. She followed by saying, "But it won't matter because I can tell you love her so much and she will know that." It was a sweet time.
I got some really cool pictures of Josh there too -- which doesn't come as often lately as he isn't "into" getting his picture made as much as he once was.

Then, after a quick trip to Target and Rite Aid, we headed home. At home, I realized I needed to go by my mom's. We got home late and had a quick dinner, bath and now Kevin is putting Ellie to bed. Here are some cute pix of The Princess at bath and post-bath time tonight.

She LOVES to look at her picture of her as a baby that hangs over her changing table. She regularly stands up, points at the baby and looks at me saying, "Ba?" I tell her, "Yes! It's Baby Ellie!! It's you when you were a little baby."

And, now, she's out and *fingers crossed* will sleep through the night. Dr. H. has given us some "tips" to try to help her sleep through the night. We will begin trying those once we return from our "mini-trip" to visit our Kyrgyz friends. I'll let you know how they work (and what they are) after our success with them (notice the positive thought process!!!).


Dee'Anna said...

All that stuff I am feeding her is getting her fat!!!! LOL!!! I am glad she did not have to get any shots... Great pictures..

Lori said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures from your little mini-reunion!!! Also, love the surprised "No shots?" picture!!!