Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Major Boo-Boo

Ellie has had a few bumps and bruises in the last few months -- mostly minor. But tonight, she got a good one. We were at the funeral home for visitation for one of Kevin's cousins who had passed away.

Ellie, being her busy bee self, lauched herself toward the chair in front of me -- trying to see or get the attention of the women in front of her -- and busted her lip on the chair. She bled and bled. One of the men working there got her some ice and thanks to MeeMee, who taught her to eat ice, she sucked and sucked on it. I think that's probably what has kept her from having a big old fat lip.

Poor baby; I'm surprised she hasn't had more boo boos with her activity level.

No photos; it seemed inappropriate to be taking pictures of her at the funeral home.


Mala said...

poor baby!!!! Hope she's on the mend.

Julie said...

Hope she feels better soon. h, one more thing, taking pictures of Ellie is NEVER EVER inappropriate!!! :)

Julie said...

That was supposed to be "Oh, one more thing" (not h, one more thing)