Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

I sure wish I were a "caught up" kind of girl. If I were, the Father's Day post would have happened YESTERDAY and not today. Oh well, that whole better late than never was created with me in mind.

We had a nice day together. We had agreed this year we were not purchasing Mother's Day or Father's Day presents for each other. Our reasons were primarily financial, but also we thought it would be fun to see what we could do to make the days special without gifts. I'm telling Kevin the donation we made here to help give babies in an orphanage milk is his gift.

I made Kevin banana nut muffins for breakfast, along with coffee. The kids got him cards, and I also made a triple layer yellow cake with caramel, chocolate icing and Butterfinger topping. I was supposed to share this with my dad, but we still have not made it over with cake. Maybe, at this point, I should make him his own belated cake.

We went to eat lunch with my mom and dad and Ellie was all over the place. She has become quite the fiesty, moving little girl who really doesn't want to stay anywhere for long.

After lunch, my mom suggested taking the kids over to the park to see the ducks. It was 95* out so we didn't stay very long.

All in all, it was a pretty low key day. I wish I had some photos of me and my dad to post on here. I should ask my mom to email me one to put up. I have one of us when I was about two or three where we are sitting in the swivel rocker and I'm piled up on his lap like it's the most wonderful place in the world. It certainly was!

Here are some photos of Kevin opening his cards with Ellie and Josh. They were certainly a motley fine looking group. He's a great daddy though!!

Josh insisted that the muffins needed candles, so we added candles.

The "official" group shot

I wonder if his wish included sleep?

Reading Josh's card. Josh picked out a musical card with a Superman logo on the front that read, "On Father's Day, Dad, I just want you to know you've always been my hero." Then you open it and it plays the Superman theme song and reads, "Still I never want to see you a cape and tights." They both got big laughs out of that. I think it's really cool that Josh is old enough to pick out his own cards and to see what he picks.

Check out how Josh is holding Ellie who is trying desperately to get down. Ellie's card was the perfect card. The front read, "A daughter's love for her dad is forever." Then you open it up and it says, "Thanks for being the dad I was meant to have. Love you, Happy Father's Day." Cool. She "signed" it by herself too.

And, here are a couple of pix of DeeDee (my dad) with Ellie and Josh that we framed for him for Father's Day:

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