Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pix from Trip

Arriving at the hotel:

Checking out the hotel room -- note the right hand up high -- this is a normal stance when she is walking ...

Getting ready to swim -- not!

This is what Ellie and mama spent a lot of time doing.

Note the hand in the air again -- the balancing act

I think she's going to be a gymnast. Doesn't she look ready to do the parallel beams in this photo?? *smile*

Don't I have handsome boys???

This was Ellie's favorite thing at the pool.

After the pool, we hung out in the fitness room (Ellie and I watched Sesame Street and Hannah Montana) while Josh "worked out". Then we went to get ready to go over to Bass Pro to hang out and wait for Kevin to get done working.

Josh wants to buy this "in a few years". He tells me that DeeDee will take him to hunter safety class and then DeeDee will take him hunting. I asked what he would hunt. She said, "The only thing you can hunt -- deer." (Who knew??) I asked if he would eat the meat. He said that no, he wouldn't. He would donate the meat to the TWA??? Ok, whatever.

We all had lots of fun dreaming on the "party barge" pontoon boats. We all picked where we would sleep and nap and everything! It was fun.

Ellie was fascinated with all the animals -- pointing and calling them some sort of name -- "ba"?

Josh and Ellie both liked this animal. Anyone have a clue what it is??? I don't.

There were really cool places outside to take photos. It's a shame that all I had was my camera phone. It did well though, I suppose.

This weekend was the first time Ellie has called me "Mama". It was a big deal (to me!). She also has begun to make a big deal out of making "kissing" noises. Tonight she got her Elmo out and took it over to Josh and made it kiss him over and over. Poor Josh was a good sport.

Josh made a stop at a fireworks store on the way home to pick up fireworks. He had washed both cars and cleaned them up to earn money to buy fireworks. I don't like them, but I know that once a year it's something that boys just feel a need to do. I make sure that Kevin is with him and helps and I just stay as far away as possible.

And, on a final note -- Ellie's hair seems to grow overnight now and it's beginning to get a bit wild and unruly. Not having a girl before -- any ideas on what to DO about it? I look back over the last few weeks' pictures and her hair looks pitiful in many of them. Poor girl. Comments welcome!


Jeanne said...

Cute photos! BTW, it's a female elk, per my biologist husband.

Corinne said...

Your comment about the wild hair reminded me of when my sister adopted from Korea went through a period of wild and unruly hair. We tried everything to have it stay put but, in the meantime she became the cutest hat baby! Ellie is just the cutest little thing even if momma thinks she has wild hair.

Melissa said...

It's definitely a big deal that Ellie started calling you mama! It took Rory over 4 months to call me mama (and she was 17 months old when she came home!).

I think leave the wild hair - just let it grow until it's long enough to actually trim up. She looks adorable!

Khakismum said...

You were in my backyard and didn't call??? I could have seen Miss Princes in the flesh and I missed it??? GAH!! Next time you are ANYWHERE close to Atlanta let me know!!!!

Her hair is fine, it won't stay where you brush it to anyway and ponytail holder and clips slip out of baby fine hair. Just wait a little longer until you can do the little Boo pigtails. That will be darling!

Khakismum said...

Miss *Princess*

It's late, I can't type or spell it seems. :-P

Hilary Marquis said...

Yay Mama!!! Doesn't that just melt your heart? You boys are handsome, and well the princess is darling as usual :) As for the it curling?

Dee'Anna said...

I am glad you guys got a mini vacation while I was gone... The pix are too cute.. I missed my Ellie!!!