Monday, June 1, 2009


It is triple coupons time again in Tennessee!! I'm trying to encourage as many families as I can to take advantage of coupon clipping and making the trek into town for shopping by listing my great bargains from today:

I got the following:

(6) boxes Huggies Wipes
(2) jugs Sunny Delite Smoothie drink
(1) bag Sargentos Potato Toppers
(3) jars Wishbone dressing
(1) box 24 count (family size) Lipton tea bags
(2) Betty Crocker Warm Delights desserts
(1) 5 lb bag potatoes (no coupon, just needed them)
(4) spray bottles Lysol w/Bleach cleaner
(2) spray bottles Lysol Bathroom Cleaner
(2) large Lysol cleaner citrus refills
(1) spray Lysol mold/mildew spray
(1) spray Lysol all purpose cleaner

(6) boxes Hamburger or Chicken Helper
(1) box Lipton tea-to-go tubes
(1) Sister Shubert rolls
(1) bag Werthers candy
(1) Glade Smart Sense automatic air refresher
(8) cans Lysol Neutra Air air freshner
(9) cans Pillsbury biscuits
(1) jar Mt. Olivet pickles
(1) box 100 calorie baked cheetos
(4) cans Meow mix cat food
(1) jar Jack Daniels BBQ sauce

Total out of pocket: $35.49
Total retail cost: $154.92


1 comment:

Lori said...

Unbelievable!!!!! I can't ever find a grocery store here that triples coupons! I'll have to live vicariously through you!