Monday, June 22, 2009

New Booster Seat

I am so thankful for Ellie's high chair as it was given to us from another Kyrgyz princess long before Ellie came home. It's been a fantastic high chair and while we are not permanently retiring it, we are moving it to the office for use only when we have more people than we have chairs -- you know, holidays and such. Because I'm trying to create more space in the house, we got Ellie a booster seat. One thing I didn't consider with her booster is that she is still so very short that she's not quite tall enough to just push up to the table and eat. Thank goodness it has a tray and she can still use that. I've also gotten her a suction cup plate with some utensils.

Since she loves to throw plates all over the floor, we thought this might help with that problem. AND we think she might need to start eating with something other than her hands. There are a lot of messy foods when you want to feed yourself!!

Here are a few snaps of her sitting in her new booster. And for anyone remotely interested, yes, I used two coupons to purchase this item. I really had been looking for a long time at consignment sales, yard sales and other less expensive options. I did manage to save $8 on it so I feel a bit better!!

See how small the pipsqueak is? However, I think she's about tall enough to start clipping those coupons for me -- whatcha' think?? *smile*

This is full view of her in her new booster.

THIS is the look I've gotten all day today and for the last three days. I have figured out it is because her Nana came last week to watch her and Josh for two and a half days and Nana has spoiled her. She held her all the time (except when she was cooking) and just ruined her. I suppose that's what Nanas do, but oy! these past few days have been hard.

Eating some of her new favorite snacks: yogurt covered fruit. And, yes, I considered the choking implications but these thing just mush right in your mouth so I'm thinking she's ok.

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Jackie said...

Hey there...I need a booster for Noli. (she isn't loving her high chair much these days) What kind did you get, and do you like it? I've been looking, but wasn't sure which was best.