Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Side Trip

On a wild hair, Josh, Ellie and I took off with Kevin to ride along with him on a job he has. While he worked, we hung out on the hotel and visited the neighboring Bass Pro Shop. It was pretty funny to see Ellie's reaction to all those stuffed animals in there -- and I'm not talking about the pretty, fluffy kind you sleep with, but the real animals who've been over to the taxidermist. Her favorite was the ones that looked like a kitty -- cougars and leopards and such.

Last night when we arrived, Josh was all about going swimming. Since it was later than the pool stays open, Kevin asked at the front desk and she said it was fine. He got dressed and we got Ellie dressed and off we went. Ellie did NOT like the pool that much. In fact, all that got wet on her was her bottom and I think that might have been from sitting on the side. I have photos, but the memory card reader is in the truck that Kevin is currently in. I will add photos later this evening.

However, today, with just Josh in the pool, Ellie warmed up to the idea a whole lot more and allowed him to take her up and down the length of the pool several times. I have no photos from today's trip to the pool.

There are also some pix from the Bass Pro (yeah, I know ....) and I'll get those posted as well.

Ellie likes riding on the luggage cart -- a lot!! She's done really well considering she is out of her element. It was after 11 last night before she went to sleep -- kicking and screaming about it. However, she did sleep all night tucked in beside me and got up at her regular 7:15 time.

It has been nice to get away from our home for a little bit -- even if it was just an overnight trip.

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

We love tagging along on business trips!