Monday, June 1, 2009

Josh Goes to 4H Camp

My Josh has gone to 4H camp for the week. I'm so sad and already miss him terribly. He's been on my mind all day. It's his first overnighter without one of us being there (other than just spending the night with a friend).

I could tell he was a bit nervous before he left, but I'm hopeful that he is having such a great time that he won't miss us as much as we are missing him!

While we were packing for him to go, Ellie came in, climbed in her suitcase and decided she was going too!! I think Josh would have really liked to have taken her with him. He was really playing with her and loving her yesterday and today.

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Rachel said...

Awww, 4-H. I started speaking in Public when I was 8 because of it! Hope he has a great time!