Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Movies

Summer has officially started for us because we went to our first free movie. Regal does free summer movies here each summer and we've been going f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Today was our first outing. Ellie was at MDO; I don't trust her to sit through a movie yet. Although, she is a HUGE, HUGE fan of Hap Palmer's Baby Songs videos. She'll watch an entire video of that and never move from her little chair. I digress.

Today, Josh and I saw Daddy Daycare. Of course, we've seen it multiple times (even have the DVD), but Josh got his moms love for movies and likes to go. There is just something about seeing a movie on "the big screen" that just is better than seeing it at home. I'm also pretty fond of movie popcorn too.

After the movies, we went to the library. Josh couldn't find a book he wanted to read (how come he didn't get that trait from me???) and ended up getting three videos. *sigh* I, however, DID, get a book (when will I read it??) from the juvenile section. There is nothing I love more than a good book!! This one is called Word Nerd. Yes, I have higher literary abilities and sometimes higher aspirations in the reading category, but this one just reached out a grabbed me (although it didn't Josh -- even when I made him read to me the first two pages). It will be a quick read. I also got a couple of books on CD to listen to while I work this week.

After the library, we picked up The Princess from MDO and made a stop by McDonalds for ice cream and to play in the play land. Well, THAT didn't go as planned because our church's summer group was there and playing and I just didn't feel comfortable letting Ellie play with a lot of kids. While we were there, we had a horrible storm and we were under tornado warning. And, I left my phone in the car. *sigh* We made it home fine, and there was no damage.

Tonight Josh worked on cleaning out the cars, and I worked on cleaning out the office. We worked for many hours and can't see a lot of progress. How do things get so messy???

And, that, is pretty much a boring tale of a boring, normal day (with NO photos). It's these kinds of days, however, that make up life and I wouldn't trade the boring for all the exciting.

Oh, and for those who don't know: Ellie is walking up a storm. She is every where!! The one thing I've noticed though -- before I could hear her crawling and know where she was. Now, when she walks she is stealthily quiet and can get away from you very quickly. My guard is even higher now!!

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