Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Can't Photograph Sticky

Today at the bank drive-thru, Ellie and Josh got suckers. Not thinking (remember, I have and am used to an 11 year old most of the time), I unwrapped and handed Ellie her sucker and drove home. HAHA!! Let's all take a moment to laugh because what I did was so stupid!

When we got home and I went to get her out, her right eye was closed. WHAT??? I'm wondering what is wrong with her eye when I reach up and touch it and it's ... [guess] sticky. She apparently had rubbed her eye with her sticky hand and "glued" her eye shut.

I went in to clean her up and sat her on the counter to wipe her down. There was a bag of steamed broccoli I had made right before we went out to the bank. I had forgotten to put it up [but it had only been out a short time]. Ellie reached over, tossed her sucker down and picked up a huge hunk of broccoli and started chowing down. She LOVES broccoli and sat there contentedly eating it until I got done. I know the pix are a bit blurry, but they are funny -- especially the one with her sticky hair standing straight up. I finally gave up and took her upstairs and gave her a bath.


Jeanne said...

He he--I love her sucker hair!

And WOW, congrats to Ellie for figuring out walking! I see some adventures in your near future!

Jackie said...

She is on the go!! And thanks for the broccoli idea...I may try that and see if Noli bites ;)

Anonymous said...

Suckers are evil!

Corinne said...

Brocolli over suckers? Thats a great start on good nutrition!The sucker hair is too funny.Water sure is a blessing.