Friday, June 5, 2009

Where's the Beef? Not in Ellie's Tummy.

How many of you actually remember the Wendy's commercial ad featuring "Where's the Beef?" Loved it!!

I first knew I was pregnant when I started craving red meat. I don't, as a rule, care too much for meat. I could easily be a vegetarian if I didn't have to give up the occasional hamburger. I craved STEAK when I was pregnant with Josh. Ironically, the boy only likes meat and starches to this day (corn, potatoes, pasta -- you get the drill). Veggies and fruits just aren't something he cares for very much.

Ellie, on the other hand, does NOT like meat. She will eat it occasionally, but for the most part, she is most happy with fruits, veggies, pastas breads, potatoes and dairy products (with the happy Pringles minis thrown in for good measure!). I'm challenged to find enough protein for her. She will eat eggs, does drink milk and eats cheese. She likes lima beans but isn't really fond of any other beans so far. She loves all fruits and most veggies so far. As we were eating tonight and she was begging for my salad (which I cut up small and gave to her), I wondered aloud to Kevin if when her birthmom was pregnant with her if she primarily ate fruits, veggies and pastas. Granted the Kyrgyz diet seemed to be rich in veggies and potatoes and meats of varying kinds, I'm wondering if her mom might have not cared much for meat. It would be interesting to know. And, maybe, she will learn to like meat a bit later on.

Just another fun fact about her I wanted to capture before it slipped my mind!

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Julie and John Wright said...

A,lot of the traditional meals that we know of as Kyrgy, are only served on special ocasions, and certainly not with the amount of meat that they have in a resteraunt. most of the meals that they eat on a daily basis have very little or no meat in them... usualy cooked with a bone or a hunk of meat that is saved to be cooked in the next meal as well..