Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walking and Pitching

Tonight's ballgame was a big deal all around. Ellie took off walking and did more than her normal one-two-three steps. She went long distances and you could tell the light finally "clicked on" with her because everytime she did it, her face would light up and she'd clap. After the game, we went to eat and she walked half way across the restaurant.

Also, Josh got to pitch in tonight's game for one inning. He's not a pitcher by any means, but he loves to try. I think with some coaching he could do a pretty good job. He has speed and strength. He just needs to develop form and accuracy. The camera battery had died by this point. The irony of taking multiple hundreds of photos all year long at baseball games and not being able to have a camera when I NEED it to take pictures of my own child is not lost on me. I did manage to get two pictures before the camera refused to power up any more.

Tonight's game was the last one for the season. The Mets won 8-7. It was a winning season for Josh's team with them coming in first place in the park. It was a fun year. In six weeks, football starts. Oh well, I can enjoy those six weeks!!!


Margaret and Tom said...

Yeah Josh, what a great way to end the season! So anxious to see video of Ellie running around!

Lori said...

Watch out world!!! Ellie's walking!!!!