Friday, June 5, 2009

What Did I DO All Week?

In a few hours I'll get to go meet the bus and pick up my long lost son, Josh!!! I'm excited. But, that made me realize I have not blogged since TUESDAY. Then, I got to thinking, what did I DO all week??? I had great plans of getting Josh's room cleaned out while he was gone -- didn't do it. I had great plans to go out to eat with just the three of us -- didn't do it. I didn't have baseball games to go to. What did I do?? I still don't have a clue, but I have realized that my life must be absolutely BORING without Josh around. He is the salt for our lives that keeps us hopping.

HOWEVER, I will add that I also didn't pick up clothes all over the house, find soda cans stuffed in four hundred locations, wash clothes 1000 times (well, Kevin does that, so...), pick up plates from all over the house, argue over what clothes he can wear, fuss about brushing teeth and bathing, pick up stuff all over the yard, tell him to stop watching TV/playing computer, etc. and go play or read a book, fuss more about leaving stuff everywhere .... well, you moms know the drill!!

Regardless, I'll take it all -- just to have my boy home!! Stay tuned for camp updates -- wait, I'm sure I won't have any. Oh well!


Elizabeth and Bill said...

I remember that you worked, listened to my obnoxious work stuff, surfed the internet and made Kevin question your sanity. So basically a normal week for you!

Kelli said...

Um, I know you didn't email me back :). Maybe I have the wrong address? Here's mine: kakornas at comcast dot net