Monday, June 8, 2009

Bittersweet Endings

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was writing about how baseball season was gearing up? If not, it certainly seems like it. We are down to our last game on Thursday night and while it's a bit bittersweet to end a season, I'm always happy to have that part of my life back for a month before football season takes over our lives from mid-July until early November.

Tonight's game was incredible with the Mets winning 16-0. Josh had two great hits and one strike-out. He and his team have had a good year this year.

Ellie had a great time and is taking more and more steps independently. The little stinker, however, will only walk for others. We try and try and occasionally she will take a step or two for us, but let someone else work with her and she'll take 3-4-5 steps. She's very close though. Knowing how active she is, we will certainly have our hands full then. I'm sad to see the crawling stage end because it means my little one is growing up.

She and another little boy were playing tonight at the ballpark. They were playing and laughing and smiling and clapping. It was so sweet. Then, a few minutes later, they were fighting over a toy and Ellie was pushing him off her blanket. The joys of toddlers' personalities!! I suspect the social butterfly will miss the ballgames as it was her opportunity to "work the crowd" and get tons of attention from all the adults. *smile*

I wonder what she's tyring to show him (or teach him as it looks) in these pictures?? She's really turning on that personality, you can tell!

VBS has started at our church. Another bittersweet year as this is Joshua's last year for VBS. After school ends next year, he will officially be in the YOUTH group. HOW???? I remember his first years at VBS at New Hope. I remember working and taking the kids I was keeping to VBS every day. It was a sweet, sweet time.

Time moves fast, moms -- cherish it while you can!!

Tomorrow is VBS, Braiden is spending the night, we are going to see the new movie UP! and I need to work. I'm tired already. I wouldn't have it any other way, I suppose and I'm thankful that God allows me to lead a life that is busy or I would be terribly bored.


Khakismum said...

Time does move SO quickly with our kids. You blink and they are grown. Hopefully Josh and volunteer at VBS next year as a youth helper. That's always fun! Kathryn has been a helper every year since she aged out of VBS. She will be doing it again in a couple weeks.

multimom said...

It seems like yesterday that you wrote that Josh was starting baseball, and now he's done?!!! Where does the time go? I agree with your other poster (khakismum), "time does move SO quickly with our kids". Isn't that the truth? My boys just finished a session of basketball and, while I was happy to see them learn new skills and grow, I was sad to see it be over. Also, my oldest daughter is aging out of VBS, too, this year, and that makes me so sad. I wish VBS continued to the older grades. Anyway, I guess you can't stop time, and kids are going to grow up, anyway, so I just need to appreciate the time we have together, right now! Give Josh and Ellie a huge hug from Bethany!