Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bragging on Josh

Progress reports came home today from school. Not to be confused with report cards, these are the "half-way" markers to let you know how your kiddo is doing so you can jump his case make corrections to his approach in time to save the grade for the semester.

Josh brought two of his four home. One he says he "forgot" and the other we still don't quite have a reason for its absence, but I'm told (by him) he will get them tomorrow.

However, in the two he brought home, he has done an excellent job in both Math and Language Arts (if you don't count the spelling/vocabulary tests that aren't quite what I would have liked). He came out with very high A's in both those classes. Science and Social Studies are still to be reported. I'm glad he is having a good year so far. I hope it continues both academically and behaviorally.

We also got TCAP scores back this last week and he did very well on those as well. His two areas of highest scores were math and social studies. Interesting, I thought.

Go Josh! Dad and I are very proud of you!

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LaLa said...

OH, so happy he is having a good year!! Love all Ellie cuteness below too : )

Wondering if you were able to do anything with those pics I know, in ALL your spare time LOL