Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Much Will $45 Buy YOU?

Last week I went to Wal-mart to pick up some groceries to "fill" until triples or super doubles [coupons] came along. I spent $80 after my $15 in coupons and only had 8 bags of stuff.

This week, praise the Lord!!, is triples week at Harris Teeter. Below is how much $45 will buy you -- 10 bags. It was actually $105 before coupons. Today's trip only hit the juice, breakfast, snack and soups/condiments aisle. I will return a few more times this week to do the cleaning, health/beauty, pets, babies, dairy and frozen foods as well.
Best deals in this group? Pillsbury Grands biscuits, final cost $.60 can; Reeses peanut butter cups, free (4); Worchestire sauce, $.19; Creammate, $.79; two jars Peter Pan peanut butter, $.33 (for both); yakisoba noodles, free; Cheez-its (2 boxes), free.
Here is a coupon tip you might not know. If you have a store brand coupon (like Target, or CVS) AND a manufacturers coupon for the same item, you can "stack" the two coupons and use them both on one item = double savings. I do this regularly at Target for diapers.


multimom said...


Thanks for sharing! I didn't know about the stacking; that's good to know. We have a Harris Teeter not too far from us but I've never been. Perhaps I'll give it a try!


Lori said...

I SO wish we had a Harris Teeter around us!!! Good job on the savings....keeping you guys in prayers and I know something perfect for Kevin will come up!