Thursday, September 24, 2009

Josh's Football Pictures

We got Josh's football pictures tonight at practice. I now consider Rhonda Trent a miracle worker. You have to realize that Josh was in SUCH a bad mood on picture day. He DID NOT want to have his picture made with Ellie and told me as much, along with how much he disliked me that day. Not that I really cared. :-) I wanted a picture of the two of them and by jingos we were going to take it.

I wouldn't have given you $.02 for what this picture was going to look like, but LO and BEHOLD the photographer managed to work some kind of magic and they don't look goofy at all. Of course, Ellie's arms are out because she was in full "flying in an airplane" mode, but that's ok. Josh just looks serious and that's not a bad thing.

I love them!! Rhonda Trent always does an excellent job. I looked for a website to link to so you could see her work, but could not find one.
I am such a blessed mama!!

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Jackie said...

Awesome photos of Josh & Ellie :)