Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ellie Photos

I just needed to get out of the house today and get my mind on something new and off work and life and blah, blah, blah -- mundane things. SO..... Ellie became my subject for an hour or so this afternoon. Here are some of my favorites:

She was playing with her Little People Farm set -- look at those lovely lashes!!

This is our neighbor's old Ford pickup. Ellie loved playing in it. I think I will edit his back porch out of it and see what it looks like then. I love this one!!

Ellie is
always looking down at something, which makes it hard to get good face pictures of her.

Look at those dirty feet. Her other favorite pose is running away from me to her next activity.

No, this is not Ellie; this is Maggie one of the neighbor's dogs. Ellie LOVES Maggie, who is deaf and just and old girl. Maggie loved having her photo taken.

Another one of Ellie in "Mr. Terry's" truck.


I told her to "lay down and take a nap" and this is what I got.

This is "Beau". Ellie actually has said his name. He is another one of Mr. Terry's dogs.

This was an "accident" but turned out beautifully. I love the silhouette.

Ellie was cracking up over the dogs wanting to lick her. Look at those tongues!!

I call this one "Anticipation". Doesn't she look like she's waiting for someone or something?

Let me know how you like the new format of the blog. I'm still working with it, but wanted to have bigger photos. I like photos -- they are worth 1000 words so I don't have to write as much!


The Stahnke's said...

I Love the pictures. I think my favorites are the last one you posted and the second one you posted. She is so cute. I still hope Andrew and Ellie can meet one day. I'll have to email you back also about how to make the pictures in your blog bigger.

Jeanne said...

I love the silhouette, the pickup truck, and the tongues. Your new blog format is fresh and attractive, IMHO.

Becky said...

I love the one of her in the truck with her refelction on the mirror, excellent lighting and comp! I think it would be gorgeous edited with some color saturation!

Also the one of her reflection in the door, you could crop that and edit it so its a real dark shadow, and it would be a perfect silhouette of her, a great keepsake!

She's such a sweet little girl!

Jackie said...

Love the blog and love the photos. I really must know what camera setting you use (please ;). Beautiful.


Kimberly said...

Love the new blog format! You are quite the photogrpaher! Ellie is a beautiful subject :-)