Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vikings Wrangle Cowboys

Ok, I'll admit, I'm just flat out STEALING this blog post from the "official" Vikings blog. However, since I write the blog posts for that as well, it's technically not stealing, it's "creative time management". You see, I want to go to sleep and I've already written about this game once, so.... here goes. (Of course, if I were truly smart, I'd just put a link to the post and go to bed, huh?)

The temperature wasn't the only thing hot on the football field yesterday as the Joelton Vikings faced off against home team Ashland City Cowboys. The Vikings were smoking as they took the win over the Cowboys at 36-0. The game was called with 1:33 left due to the score. Ironically, last year's score was 36-0 with the game called with 3:16 left in the game. Talk about deja vu.

Former Cowboys, Austin Poss, Jarrett Ray and Hank White were team captains along with Cody Risner as our honorary Captain for the day. Cody has been battling leukemia and it was such a blessing and honor to have him attend today and be our Captain.

Josh had a good game with the official stats listing him with two tackles and two assists. I was fortunate that another parent was taking photos from the opposite side of the field than I was because Josh plays opposite field (or at least he did for the half that I was actually at the game) and I didn't get a lot of pix of him. Brandon's dad, however, did and they are here.

Of course, I did manage to get a few *smile* of Josh:

While you might not be able to tell that my son made this tackle and is underneath, his mama certainly can from the white shirt sticking out and the cleats he is wearing.

At least with this one, we can see his name on the jersey!

Water breaks were certainly important as hot as it was today.

I think the final score says it all. Go Vikings!!

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