Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Like Free and Cheap!

I wanted to share my fun at the grocery. If you are interested in how I do this, please feel free to email ( or leave a comment and I'll try to help you save a lot of $$ on your groceries too!
Everything in this photo was FREE:

Everything in this photo was $.35 or less:


Julie said...

YESYESYES!!! DO tell. I suspect that double coupon s are involved, so I am out of luck in that respect. BUT I bet you have a bunch of good tips. So please do share!!! Things are getting a little scarier than I like to admit. We only have a few months left of unemployment and dh has yet to have one stink interview. Plus the entire company he used to work for just went under and so a ton of people looking for a similar position are also out there looking... SO anyway, anything I can do to help pinch a penny would be appreciated!!!

PS Check out your walgreens if they are near you. They are clearancing out a bunch of items. I just got 4 bottles of 64 load ULTRA laundry detergent for 2.19! But ya gotta go fast as the shelves are getting cleared off fast. Just look for the orange tags that are here and there in about every aisle!

Shannon said...

Seriously - I have my doubts that you can help me, but I'm willing to try! I live in a VERY rural area with none of the "fancy" stores you guys have down there!