Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flashback Fotos

Reader Julie asked for some pix of Josh (at the same age as Ellie). Below are lots of pix of Josh I scanned this morning from just one box. I have tons. They are not all the same age as Ellie is now, but some are. Thanks for asking Julie so I'd have a reason to look back through my pix of my little man!!

Josh was 21 months old here, so just a wee bit older than Ellie. We had taken him to Dollywood for Labor Day weekend. I think it was the trip that caused my friend Stoney to stop going anywhere with us (ha!).

Posing at Dollywood - 21 months

Notice Daddy and Josh are wearing a stretchy chain thing -- Josh was a fast one, wanted to walk and we were certainly NOT letting him get loose.

This is Josh with Santa, I THINK, it was December 1999, when he had just turned two.

Eating popsicles outside. Josh would have been right at 19 months in this pix,
so this is pretty close to Ellie's age now.
Josh playing soccer.

If I had to pick my Top Ten Pictures of Josh's life and could only keep 10, this would be one of them. I don't even think I took the picture; I think another mom took it and emailed it to me. This was the game where Josh hit his first GRAND SLAM in baseball. It was in Ashland City. He was SO proud and his coach gave him the game ball. This was his first year to play baseball and Coach Bumpus was his HERO!! I love this picture and this memory.

Kirstin and Josh at a soccer game. Gosh they were so little.

Josh and "Santa DeeDee". I still have this picture framed and in Josh's room. He and DeeDee were inseparable at this age and this year they both dressed up as Santa. Josh LOVED to dress up as Santa and pass out presents at Christmas. If mama still has this costume, I may see if he'll dress up this year for Ellie. What a hoot!!

Again, Josh and DeeDee, inseparable!! I'm thinking Josh was closer to three in this photo.

Josh's professional two-year-old photos - November 1999.


Pamela said...

Holy cow is he cute!

Maria said...

Pam -- you are so sweet! We are partial, but we think so too!!

Lori said...

He was a doll baby and just as handsome as ever!!!!