Friday, September 4, 2009


For those of you who are "entrenched" in the Krygyz culture and tradition (well, it sounds good, doesn't it??), I have a request.

I'd like to TRY to make some type of authentic Kyrgyz meal for Ellie's "Forever Family" day. I know I remember reading from some that there was a Kyrygz cookbook floating around and I thought maybe someone could email me a recipe to try for that day.

Only one stipulation: it cannot have horse meat as an ingredient *smile*

If you prefer to email me:

THANKS in advance!!


Betsy said...

I'd love to hear the suggestions you get from the Kyrgyz adoption community since we will be celebrating our Family Day just days before you!

I still can't believe I missed meeting you on the other side of the world in Bishkek by about 12 hours!!!

Shannon said...

I own said cookbook and would be happy to share a recipe or two. Email me, tell me what you like or what you're thinking and I'll send you some recipes (we have our favorites).

Hilary Marquis said...

I'll work on scanning my recipe cards in and email them to you :)