Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cute Things Ellie is Doing ....

I didn't want to forget some of the cute things Ellie has started doing, so I'm going to record them here.

She loves her squeaky shoes that we purchased both at consigment and from Becky B. (sorry Becky, I'm too tired to find your link right now) as a fundraiser for her family's adoption. Her feet are finally big enough to wear some of them and she loves stomping around in her shoes terrorizing the dog. I say terrorizing because every time Bear hears the squeak (think dog toy), he jumps up and runs around looking for it. It's hilarious. Anyway, I digress. So, when she is not wearing them and wants to be, she looks at her feet and stomps them trying to make them squeak. If she has on shoes that don't squeak, she tries so very hard to get them to. It's a riot!

The other thing she does that I tried today to get a video of is she will look at you, flip her head backwards and open her mouth up very wide. Any guesses? Well, she has a Barney video with the song, "If all the raindrops were lemon-drops and gum-drops, oh what a life that would be. Standing outside with my mouth open wide -- ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." and the kids stand there just like she is doing with their mouths open. She will stand there like that until you sing the song.

And, finally, the diaper stuff -- yeah, fun, right? If she becomes wet or dirty, she immediately comes to you and pats her bottom and says, "OW". If that doesn't work, she will go and GET you a diaper. The girl does not like a dirty diaper. I think we are going to have to start talking about potty things around our house very, very soon.
We are currently trying to learn the signs for shoes and socks. She knows what shoes and socks are and can point them out to you, so it seemed like a good sign to begin to work on.

She knows where her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, toes and head are located and will point to them.

I don't have any fun pictures of the above things because I'm a lazy picture mom this week. I do have a cute picture of her and her friend Macy playing at the football park Tuesday night while their big brothers practiced so I will share that instead.

A FRIENDLY REMINDER that it is Grandparent's Day on Sunday. Make plans now to spend time with the grandparents in your life or your kids' lives this weekend.
I leave you with this Bible verse. I've talked to so many people these past few weeks who are so discouraged about situations in their lives. I can relate many days, and I wanted to remind them, as well as others who are reading, that God tells us the following in His word. May it be a source of strength and comfort to us as well as a prescription for fixing our attitudes and hearts when we hit the bottom.
Why am I discouraged?Why is my heart so sad?I will put my hope in God!I will praise him again—my Savior and my God! ~ Psalm 43:5

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Julie said...

Strike while the iron is hot (with regards to potty training). I was shocked when my dd almost potty trained herself with just a little encouragement from us!!