Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vikings Smoked

Josh's football team was just smoked today in their game against the Station Camp Bisons. Their lineman weighed in around 200-210. This information was pried out of their photographer in the end-zone. *smile*. Our largest lineman (and there is only one) weighs in at 195. It was just a slaughter for them and they lost 43-8 with a mercy-rule call in the end of the third quarter.

Today was also picture day. I wanted (so badly) a picture of Ellie and Josh in their "uniforms" and it wasn't Ellie that was uncooperative, it was Josh. At first he refused to have it made. Then I told him he had to and he told me he didn't like me. [Honestly, I didn't care if he liked me; I wanted a picture.] Then he changed tactics and told me, "Well, she's not really a cheerleader anyway. SO??? He finally did have a picture made but I'm sure when we get it he will have the most horrible facial expression. UGH. I guess I'll have to try one day to get a picture of the two of them myself.

Ellie took a long nap at the park today. We have a sweet friend, Casey, who takes care of Ellie at the park. She LOVES Ellie and Ellie LOVES her. Casey pushed Ellie around in her stroller the whole time she was sleeping.

Ellie eating a hotdog

Look at this face. I have something to look forward to, don't I?"

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