Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sugarplum Orphans -- Kyrgyz Items

I found this post on my Kyrgyzstan yahoo list and feel it's ok to cross post for those who have kiddos from Kyrgyzstan who might have missed it.

(This is a post from the owner of Sugarplum Orphans -- not written by me [Maria])

I've talked with John ( tonight... looks like I'll have some nativities (with yurts!), ornaments, and other items made of Kyrgyz felt that were made at an orphanage in Bishkek by the children! They have a craft room to sell their items. So, who's interested in some other items?! Proceeds will go back to benefit the orphans of Kyrgyzstan, of course. I highly recommend subscribing to my Sugarplum Boutique blog
(, so you can keep updated on everything--the items, prices, quantities left, etc. I'll be doing the selling from there. I will announce on here when items are ready for sale, but I won't be able to do a whole lot of announcements after that on here. If you know other Kyrgyz adoptive parents, please let them know about the upcoming sale/fundraiser. Post on your blog and tell them to subscribe to Sugarplum Boutique, too! I need help getting word out about the clips and the other items!John is so kind as to do things on his end to get the items that Kyrg adoptive parents can have unique items from our kids' homeland (or future kids') we can all do a part to help better the situation of those left behind. :( Still on track to having all the flower clips ready by Oct 1. They are ADORABLE, I'm so excited!!! The other items should arrive a little later in October. Thanks, everyone!

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

Awesome! I def want to get Christmas things! I'm confused about the Sugarplum boutique. I knew she made bows, but you are going to be selling Kyrg items from her site?