Monday, September 28, 2009

Lots ...

Yesterday Josh's team beat uber-rivals, the White House Devils with a final score of 28-20. This was the last "big" game to cinch the division title. While they still have three more games, based on the other's teams' records, it is strongly thought we will win against them -- who knows though? Anything can happen. Then, play offs start!! Yay!

My parents were able to come to the game yesterday and watch Ellie and watch Josh play. Afterwards we got to spend some time together at Wendy's. *smile*

Then, today we called the A/C folks to come out and look at our unit. I'm going to say this: If our family made a million dollars a year, I would still have a problem with the fact that when a unit is still under warranty (keep in mind, a unit we paid $5K for just two years ago), that warranty does not include the labor to replace what is broken. *sigh* So, $159 later we had a service call and a drain cleaned. THAT, however was not the problem. There is some "board" that has to be replaced. That part will be covered, but they don't have a CLUE how much the labor will be on it and will call us back tomorrow. Great.

Tomorrow is Ellie's 18 month birthday -- HOW did that happen? Stay tuned tomorrow for some pix (I'll have to take some, of course) and an update of what all she is "into" now.

Josh is currently at the doctor. They've been there for 2.5 hours. Actually, I just got a call from Kevin that the doctor said he does tested negative for the flu, but the tests were 50/50 and so what he does not "have the flu NOW, he probably got it sitting in the office". Great. They are also tested him for mono but that was also negative. He came home with a headache, stomach ache and body aches and exhausted. In fact, he fell asleep on the way to the doctor's office. Those who know Josh understand this doesn't happen. He went to bed at a good time last night and so, I'm not sure what it could be. Granted, it could be a viral thing that just isn't the flu. Yay. Tomorrow he'll probably be fine. The doctor went ahead and gave him a school note and tamiflu prescription -- just in case. Kids.

On the job front, no news today. Kevin is hopeful to get a follow-up call this week from a company that called him last week. Prayers always appreciated in that area.


Mom to 2 Angels said...
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Mom to 2 Angels said...

I love the up close pictures of Josh in his helmet! You are very talented with that camera. I'm so bummed that we missed him play (and that you guys beat us :)