Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vikings Soar Right Past Eagles to Victory

Stole the blog post title from the Vikings blog. Feel free to click over and browse what is going on with Josh's football team this year. They are doing well.

I wanted to share just a few pictures of our kids from this week's game. If you are interested in all the goings-on at the game, you can read what I wrote on the Vikings blog. Yes, it's late, I'm tired and KEVIN STARTED THE MOVIE WITHOUT ME, so I'm in a bit of a hurry. *smile*

Ellie is showing off her new hairbows and showing her support of her brother. Side note: I met the owner of my local Once Upon a Child last week. She is also the owner of Rachel's Ribbons, a business she started years ago as a stay-at-home mom. If you need hairbows, her prices are UNBELIEVABLE and her bows are too cute. Visit her website for more information and/or to order.

Ellie and Casey coming over to my side of the field

The results of not getting to come inside the fence where mama is. She literally was trying to climb the fence. Sweet baby girl.

So what's the deal with Josh getting all the GIANTS to guard?

Every week I try to get a good picture of the two of them. Every week a different one is in a bad mood. This week? Ellie. Maybe soon!

Cookie monster

Josh's team won this game 27-6. They've only lost one game, so pretty good so far this year. We hope to go to the playoffs again this year. On a related note, I'm amazed at the difference between 11 year olds and 12 years olds in relation to height. It seems that between 11 and 12 these boys get some HUGE growth spurts because many of the kids on other teams are really, really tall 12 year olds. Wonder how much Josh will grow this year?

Also, I'm looking for a gift idea for Casey (seen above) for this year. She has volunteered to watch Ellie at the games and takes WONDERFUL care of her. I'm not sure her feet ever touch the ground. She does this so I can take photos and Kevin can video. Ellie LOVES Casey and other than mom or dad, she is her favorite person to be with at the games. I want to get her something to show our appreciation, but don't have a CLUE what to get. She is 11, I think. Leave a comment if you have good ideas/suggestions!!

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