Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmother and Nana!

September brings about the birthdays of Kevin's mom, aka "Nana" and my grandmother. We hope to see Nana next weekend when Kevin's brother from Atlanta and his family come to town. Tonight, my mom planned a small party for Grandmother to celebrate her 83rd birthday with pizza, sodas and brownies.

I'd like to report that I took time and got some fabulous photos, but that just didn't happen. Grandmother has thrush in her mouth and wasn't feeling well. Ellie was tired and threw multiple "throw downs" in the floor and I was exhausted from that. So... here's what you get. Great stuff, huh?

This one is as close to decent as any of them.

Happy Ellie, huh?Ellie wants DOWN.

As we were leaving the nursing home, Ellie wanted up in the back of my mom's vehicle. She got in the back seat, pulled the seat belt around her (she couldn't latch it) and started motioning for my mom to DRIVE. It was the funniest thing. So, we strapped her seat belt and my mom drove her around and around the circle driveway. There were no other cars there so it was perfectly safe. Every time my mom stopped, she would lean forward and point her finger and her as if to say, "Keep going!" We are amazed that she knew to do this. Kevin called it her "Driving Miss Ellie" mode. HA!!

On our way home from this event, Josh informed me that his ear was hurting really badly. It's 7:15 and the after hours clinic in Springfield closes at 8:00. I call Kevin because Ellie is asleep in the back seat and I certainly don't want her exposed to anything funky in a clinic. We met, swapped Ellie and I made a mad dash to the doctor's office where it took longer to fill out a patient form than it did to be seen. We arrived 10 minutes prior to closing (I'm certain they were happy to see us coming), and were out 10 minutes after closing. He did have a pretty serious ear infection. Odd since he just started mentioning his ear this afternoon after school. A quick trip to Wal*greens and we had antibiotics. It's been a long day.

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