Friday, July 10, 2009

Play Date at the Library and Farmers Market

Ellie and I had a fun play date today with Kat, Jia and Charlie who we first met in Kyrgyzstan back in May 2008. We both think it quite funny that we had to travel almost 8000 miles around the world to meet someone who lives in our own community. But what a blessing to have met in that environment and to be such good friends now -- and to be able to let our kids spend time together.

Today we went to a marionette show of Cinderella at the local library. Afterwards, the little ones played at the library before we headed over to Farmers Market and to play at the fountains downtown.

All three kids were pretty much exhausted by the time we got to the fountains. Ellie even finally fell asleep while there. We had such a nice time visiting!!

Highlight pictures:

This is my favorite photo from the date -- Jia and Ellie modeling sunglasses (Ellie is actually wearing Charlie's). Kat gave us a sweet pair of sunglasses for Ellie while we were in Kyrgyzstan, so this is a sweet reminder of those.

This is Jia putting her glasses on Ellie.
Some of the kids were playing with the puppet show. Ellie LOVED listening to them singing "Old McDonald".
Anyone care to venture a guess what this is that Ellie is riding on? Well, I'll spare you the intense waiting -- it's an eggplant. Yeah, right.

I though this was a sweet picture of Ellie looking at a book.
Charlie and Ellie playing. Charlie has grown and changed so much since he's come home that it's unbelievable!!
What a SWEET face -- peek-a-boo, Charlie.
Ellie and Charlie playing peek-a-boo with the puppet stage.

This little girl and Ellie just hit it off. They played and played together. Poor Ellie, her dress was falling off!
Then it was off to the fountains. Ellie didn't like the fountains very much -- too tall, I think, but she did like following Jia in this wading area.

Charlie lost his shoe -- thank goodness mama was there to "rescue" it.

This sweet boy (that we didn't even know), would hold the water down so that all the little ones would play in it.
Charlie was in HOG HEAVEN when the trains went overhead on the tracks. Here he is pointing them out.

If you notice that Josh is absent in these pictures, it is because he spent the night with his friend, Mickey. They went to the Science Museum today and swam and watched movies. He had a great time with them -- better than he would have had with us he said. Oh my, my little man is growing up.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Looks like you had a great time! Sorry we missed it.

Ivy Lee said...

I love seeing photos of these 3 together. Too bad we don't live closer. It would be so cool to have Dylan play with them. They are all growing up so fast.