Wednesday, July 22, 2009


There is just too much going on in my life right now, and I'm just so very tired.
Tomorrow I'm trying to figure how to get Kevin to a doctor's appointment at 10:30, Ellie to MDO at 9:00, me to three commercial inspections starting at 10:00, Josh somewhere?? and then pick up Kevin from his appointment, take him and Josh back home, complete another commercial inspection at 1:00 across town and pick Ellie up by 2:00 at MDO and take Josh to football at 6:00 with one car. We were supposed to have our second post placement visit tomorrow at 3, but we had to cancel -- there just wasn't any way to get it all done.

We've got someone who is supposed to be fixing my SUV soon, but a family emergency took them out of town so it's not done yet.

Ellie went to the doctor today and has a sinus infection. She's on antibiotics now. She's actually doing relatively well other than just wanting "mymamama" (one word) to hold her a lot. I was in the bed last night at 2 a.m. (yes, that's correct) and back up today at 7:00 am to get her to her doctor's appointment.

We went to meet Susan and Katie today in Murfreesboro to let Josh and Ellie play with her and go swimming. Those of you who are faithful blog readers will remember that Katie was a prayer warrior for us while we were waiting for Ellie. I kept looking and looking for the post where I talked about Katie praying for Ellie and posting her pictures. When I couldn't find them, I looked in my photo folders and found that it was taken back in 2006 -- before I even started blogging. IMAGINE, Katie was praying for Ellie in 2006 -- three YEARS before she was born, and today, they finally got to play together. Now, that should be a reminder for me that God is certainly in control, huh? Here is a photo of Katie praying for Ellie, followed by the picture I took of them today.
September 2006:

July 2009:
After swimming, I rushed home to get Ellie's prescription picked up before the pharmacy closed. Then it was time to cook dinner and feed Ellie. It's almost 9 and I need to enter work but I'm so very, very tired I just can't concentrate (but apparently I have time to whine and blog, eh?).
It seems like nothing is "in order" around me -- the house is a wreck, the yard is a wreck, my work seems to always be behind, there are projects that need finishing, babies that need loving, boys that need attention and time, husbands that need attention and me who is tired. I don't function well in environments where things are all in disarray and there are no schedules so summer stinks for me. It's hard to schedule time to work; it's hard to find a quiet moment to get the work entered if I do manage to get in the field to do it. One day last week, I told no one and went to Panera Bread (free WiFi) all day to have a quiet place to make phone calls/schedule appointments and enter work. I got more done that day than I had in months.

I also don't think I've mentioned on the blog that I was diagnosed about three or four months back with fibromyalgia. It was a relief, to some extent, because I was in such pain that I literally could not get up from the floor when I got down to play with Ellie. I would go to bed hurting so bad that it was nearly impossible to get up the steps, but then wake up hurting just as much. My doctor gave me some meds for it which seem to work well, but I'm pretty much hit or miss on taking them and I need to call to get a refill as I'm out and haven't had (or taken) the time to do that. I suspect the fatigue (and pain) are from that as much as anything. But, I try hard not to be a whiner or complainer about this. I think a positive attitude is half the battle (I guess that means I'm losing the battle today for sure).

And, I don't normally whine (let me rephrase -- I don't normally whine on my blog), but life's been a bit hard lately and I'm just tired of all the stuff being thrown at me from one direction and then another. So, I'm taking a minute to blog and whine and then tomorrow I'll get back up on my horse, be thankful for my blessings, and go full force at another day if God chooses to give me another day to go at. I just want some rest.


Betsy said...

That sounds like too much for you to handle! Luckily you know that God can help you by carrying it all. Praying for you tonight, that He would give you rest and help each day to be a little better than the one before.

In the midst of all that chaos, what a blessing to have sweet Ellie calling you "my mama". That, my friend, brings tears to my eyes and is truly answered prayer!

Jeanne said...

I'm sorry to hear of your fibromyalgia. I hope you will continue to get relief from your medication.

Idea--get a rental car for a couple days. Or ask friends for rides. Sounds like Maria needs more helpers!

The Stahnke's said...

I didn't know you had fibromyalgia. I have it as well. Mine stemmed from a car accident that I was in years ago, and I still have problems with the pain. I notice it to be bad when I do to much. I had to find a way to slow down and to take care of myself. It is a horrible thing to live with! I hope you find a happy medium!

Allison said...

Oh sweetie, I'm exhausted just reading about your day. You can whine all you want to; I know I would if I was in your position. I wish I lived closer so I could lend some support. Just make sure to take time for yourself. I know you think I'm crazy to run every morning at 5:30 a.m., but I'm not sure how I would make it through the day without that first hour all to myself with no one demanding anything from me.
Big hugs to you. I hope things calm down soon.

LaLa said...

{{{HUGS}}}} I hope we can get together soon. I know it must all be so stressful but we are both soooo BLESSED and I know you know that : )