Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Diaper Free!

At Ellie's last check up the nurse asked if Ellie was taking her clothes off yet. We said no, but the nurse said to just wait, she would.

And, so she was right. Ellie LOVES to take her diaper off now and run around buck naked.

Tonight, she and Josh were playing in the living room and I heard Josh making some weird noise like, "uh oh" and I looked and she had stripped down. I told Josh to put her diaper back on and Mr. Smartness said no he didn't want to. I said, "Well, I hope she pees on you."

HA!! Imagine my surprise when just a second later she did. I thought Josh was going to have a heart attack on the spot. WHERE was the video camera when you needed it??? Needless to say, I'll bet he won't let her pull that diaper off for long again.

One day, when they look back and read this, they are certainly going to get a chuckle out of it!

One of the reasons I try so hard to capture all the little things here is so they will have the fun of reading about their childhood when they are older. I wish I had started "blogging" ages ago!

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multimom said...


Ah, yes, the "I can take my clothes off" stage! Love it! Bethany is well known for taking off her shorts, throwing them who-knows-where, and then taking off her shirt and wrapping it around her head so that she looks like Mother Theresa. So funny! Enjoy this stage and take lots of photos!