Thursday, July 30, 2009

Post Placement Visit #2

We have successfully "survived" our second post placement visit. Not that there really was anything to survive as it was easy and painless. We cleaned house and yard all day and, once again, our social worker came in, sat down at the kitchen table and we visited from there. When we were done, she left, so.... The good news is the house is clean!!

I'd love to have some cute picture to celebrate our second post placement, but here's all we have. However, I do have a sweet video to post in a bit. Stay tuned!!
Notice Elmo in the background. He's taking a ride on the rocking elephant, courtesy of Josh! I'd like to say that this will likely be the only time in recent memory that my floors were clean enough to eat off of!! :-)

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Khakismum said...

So, you passed...does this mean you get to keep her? ;-)