Thursday, July 2, 2009

Louisville Slugger Museum

We had a really cool time today touring the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. The boys were particularly fascinated! It was cool watching them make the bats and knowing that major league baseball players would be using those bats. We all got a complimentary bat at the end of the tour.

Here's the entire group in front of the HUGE baseball bat out front -- less the moms who were busy taking photos (and a few stragglers who just stood in our way):

The beginning of the tour. We weren't allowed to take photos in the actual production area.

Early on in baseball, Josh was compared to Babe Ruth because he was an awesome hitter and a solid little guy when he first started playing. We thought we'd capture some Babe Ruth Memorabilia photos.

This is the "batty" ceiling:

Josh and Derek Jeter:
Ellie and AP "talking" on the phone. AP said her daddy was calling.

After this fun, we headed back home and made it home (quickly and) safely.

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