Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When I Grow Up...

Today as we were headed, once again, into town, I asked Josh what he would like to be when he grows up. He said, "Why, do I have to decide now?" *smile* No, you don't. I told him it was just that I was interested in what he might like to do when he grows up and that it's becoming more and more important to make good grades and good choices so that he can begin to prepare for his future. He said, "Well, I make all As and Bs. What more do I need to do?" Well, there you go....

I explained to him that he was growing up to be a man and that when he was grown and got married it would be his responsibility to make the money and take care of his wife and children. I told him that he should plan to have a good enough job that his wife would not have to work and could stay home and take care of their children.

So, after lots of talking through it, he decided that he wanted a job where he could shoot guns, like a police officer or SWAT, could work with heavy equipment like construction and be the CEO of the company (like everyone else wants, huh?). So, as soon as you all find a job meeting those qualifications, please ask them to hold it for 11 more years until he can get through college and apply for it.

And speaking of growing up to be a man, I was recently reading Lifeway's magazine, Living with Teenagers (May 2009) and read an article by Jeff Allen who summed up what it means to "be a man" better than any other description I have ever read. He wrote,

"A man is not defined by his physical appearance, but the content of his character -- understanding that you, and no one else, are responsible for your choices and the resulting consequences. It involves providing for yourself and ultimately for your family. It means finding something worth pursuing and putting aside your fears so you can give it your best shot."

I hope that Josh finds this out and can become this man. But, more than anything else, I hope he is happy and follows God's call for his life.


Khakismum said...

Well at least Josh knows what he wants! He just has to make it happen, even if that means creating the job!

/Left turn/ *blink* *blink*

I've been sorting out 16 years worth of pictures and ran across some of baby and toddler snaps of Josh! So cute then, so handsome now. It made me smile seeing them. To see him then and to be sharing 'virtually' in his growing up here makes me feel old. But I'm glad I am sharing in it anyway!

Jeanne said...

Golly, I hope Josh won't automatically discard any woman who may want a career...he is so good with his sister that I'm sure he'd be a wonderful hands-on Daddy.