Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free School Supplies

For those of you who have a CVS nearby, might I suggest you RUN there BEFORE TUESDAY to stock up on some FREE school supplies. You have to have an Extra Care Card (which will earn you something called Extra Cash Bucks (ECBS) ), but we got several school items today and with the ECBs we earned for our next trip, they were essentially free!!

CVS 1-subject notebooks - 70-80 sheets - limit 2
Papermate Grip Pens (blue and black 8 count) - limit 3
12" Plastic or wood ruler - limit 2
CVS school glue - limit 2
CVS 5" scissors - limit 2

Not free but good deals:

paper pocket folders -- no prongs - $.05 each (limit 10)
3 or 5 subject notebooks - $.99 after ECB
Pilot Easy Touch pens - BOGOF
CVS Mechanical penciles - BOGOF

Not to be outdone in the school supply department, Walgreens kicked it up a notch too. While nothing there was FREE, there were some really inexpensive deals:

$.39 items
Index cards
Mechanical pencils (10 count)
5 count dividers
10 pack sheet protectors

$.59 items
5 count mechanical pencils
Elmers glue
Elmers glue sticks
Colored pencils (12 ct)

$.79 items
24 ct #2 pencils
Compsition book

Expo Dry Erase Markers - $1.99 each - limit 3
Sharpies - 2/$1 - Limit 4
1 subject notebook - $3/$1 - limit 6
Filler paper - 2/$1 - limit 4

Legal pads - 3/$1 - limit 3
2 pocket folders with prongs - 8/$1 - limit 8

Shapener - $.29
Double pack pink eraser - $.29

And while we don't have a supply list yet, at these prices I figure whatever Josh doesn't need, we will donate to our church's school supply drive. Likely all we will have to get at this point is binders of some variety.

Can you believe school is just around the corner - YUK!!

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multimom said...


Thanks for putting this on your blog! After reading it, I went out on Monday afternoon and got those free supplies from CVS. What a deal! Thanks so much for alerting all of us to this!