Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eats Rocks and Mulch

Remember the t-shirts that said, "Runs with scissors?" Well, Kevin and I have decided we are going to make Ellie a shirt that says, "Eats rocks and mulch". It's gotten so frustrating. You can't sit her down anywhere near rocks or mulch or she tries to eat it. YUK. And then, if you tell her to stop and give it to you, she spits it out, smiles really big and hands it to you.
Happy 16th month birthday to our little rock and mulch eater! Who needs cake when you have rocks?


Allison said...

I have to laugh at that because our Monkey had a shirt that said "I eat sand". His favorite snack ever;)

Jeanne said...

My boy used to stick everything into his ear--I guess he liked the sensation!