Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Regular Life

Thanks to all of you who have commented about Ellie's speech. I tend to just be a worrier so I'm going to relax a bit and give her some space and continue to tell her what everything is and wait. I think if we get closer to two and still not much is happening, I will consult early intervention again and if that doesn't work, we'll find our own ST to work with her. She definitely understands what you tell her and follows commands very well, so I'm not concerned with her cognitive abilities surrounding her language.

Tomorrow, The Princess will be sixteen months old. Where does the time go???

A little update on Josh. We took him to the doctor on Monday and he has some sinus issues so he's on some medicine. I'm not sure if it's the medicine (although he only takes it at night) or the sinus issues, but he is a really, really tired boy who just doesn't seem to be himself. He hasn't wanted to even go to football practice and that certainly isn't him. He is a go-go-go kind of kid. So, hopefully, in a few days he'll start to feel better.

And... in the where does time go category, school starts back in a week and a half (August 10). Holy cow, the summer just FLEW by for us. I'm not sure if it did for everyone else, but it did for us. I just don't feel like I accomplished anything this summer. I guess that means it was a good summer, huh?

We finally are getting someone to fix the Pathfinder that broke a couple months ago. We didn't quite know what happened to it, but those "in the know" were pretty certain it was the transmission. It was picked up yesterday and Kevin got a call today that it turns out that the front axle broke, flopped around and messed up the transmission. We are hopeful to have it back by this weekend. I will be flat out, stinking, jumping up and down for joy, overjoyed to get it back. We have made it work with one vehicle, but it seems like someone always needs to be somewhere else when there is no way to get there. One day I made three trips from home to Nashville so that everyone could be picked up, dropped off and gotten where they needed to be in time.

We have our second post placement this Thursday. I can't imagine how I will get the house clean before then. Oh well... I have great motivation to get it done!!

Super Double coupons is over at Harris Teeter today. I made five trips this week (way too many, I suppose, but the deals were really good). We have a ton of food in our house, even after having shared some with friends and family. While I personally couldn't use nine free Dawn dishwashing liquids, I certainly knew those who could. Free! Yes, FREE!! All for clipping a coupon. And, tortilla chips for $.50 a bag, Terra Chips (this is my new addiction), $.99 a bag (when they are regularly $3.99 a bag), Oreo cakesters (yes, I know, I didn't need them), $.99 a box, Blue Bunny ice cream sundaes, Free!!, Borden cheese slices, Free!!, Deerpark water (6 pk), Free!!, Ziploc fresh saver bags, $.19 a box; Danimals yogurt, free!!; Activia yogurt, free!!; Danactive drinkable yogurts, free!!; and Hormel compleats, $.50 each. The list goes on of the good deals at this sale. We should be set again for well over a month.

That's pretty much it for us as of late. Nothing exciting -- regular life -- the perfect kind!!

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