Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Zoo Pix

We are on our way out to dinner, but I wanted to post some fun pix from earlier today.

This was our first stop -- at the elephant's abode. The big one in the background came over and Ellie was fascinated with her. She got "up close".

This is Ellie and M. enjoying the water park. Ellie did NOT like the water. I think it was too cold and too loud and too many people for her.

Josh and Ellie. Josh enjoyed the water!
Then the group shots ... we tried and tried, but having experienced this just a few weeks ago, I didn't really have high hopes that we would get a really good one. We didn't. Here are a couple.

After photos and lunch, R., S., and A. left to go back for naps. Hotdog was tired; Ellie was tired (I was tired) and so we walked around looking at the animals until the girls fell out. Ellie LOVED the animals.

And, shortly later, they both passed out -- Ellie face down.

After Hotdog and Ellie finished their naps, it was time to leave. Isn't this a great statue? It's a horse (of course, of course) made of recycled CocaCola products that are spray painted red.

Here are Josh and Braiden at the entrance.

More pix later! Having a blast.

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