Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Holiday World Photos

Toward the end of the day, Kevin changed back into his "street clothes" but Ellie was not done playing in the water. Fortunately, the water was pretty shallow.

Isn't this a sweet picture of the two of them?

This was the second bathing suit of the day. She actually ended up wearing two bathing suits and three outfits due to her, um... incidents.

Playing in the water sprays -- look at this face, isn't it the sweetest??

Josh is having a blast, as the facial expression tells you. He LOVES theme parks and water. What a perfect combination this day was.
Bryce and Josh floating on the Congo River.

Ellie loved Bryce AND the "Tow-mater" she won picking ducks out of the duck pond.

Too much water fun will do this to a girl! Man, late in the afternoon I was so wishing I would fit in this stroller!

This was early on in the day when Ellie refused to allow me to feed her her yogurt. It was a huge mess, but I know she has to learn to feed herself. But, at a theme park? UGH.

This is certainly a "Who me?" shot if I've ever seen one!

Josh and Bryce had a lot of fun playing the arcade and carnival style games. Both boys came home with a full-sized basketball, some cheesy football games and some plastic sword type toys (that tore up before the day was over) and gave several stuffed animals to Ellie.

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Suzanne said...


I have not checked in a long time and I just wanted to let you know that it makes my heart feel good to see Ellie looking so wonderful. She is just beautiful!