Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

A day late, a dollar short....

Fourth of July was fairly uneventful at our house. I had a raging sinus headache most of the day and didn't feel well. Early in the day we prepared some food to take to my mom/dad's house where we were going to eat a late lunch/early dinner. We had great plans to take photos of both Josh and Ellie while we were there. Josh was very cooperative, but Ellie, no. She cried, screamed and threw the most horrible tantrums the entire time until we finally just gave up.

Kevin, Josh and mom went upstairs to do some studio pix of Josh and I laid down with Ellie and we both took a nap. Her mood did not improve after the nap. We had hoped we'd get to go downtown for fireworks, but major storms were moving through (including possible tornados) so we decided to forego those and just went home.

It was a sad day in Nashville, as we learned of the death of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair. In deference to his family's grief, I will save my comments on the happenings surrounding his death, but suffice it to say, it makes me sad that someone with a heart so geared to his community and children would make the choices he did and would leave a legacy like this for his children. It's the children he leaves behind and what they will have to deal with that makes me very sad.

As soon as my mom emails me pix of Josh (and the tantrum-throwing Ellie), I will post them.

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