Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th of July

So, while we didn't get many pictures on the Fourth of July, we did get some today. Today my mom and I photographed a wedding, followed by an ice cream social at church and then went to a creek baptism. We just all had a really good time. Josh and Ellie enjoyed playing in the creek after the baptisms were over.

Kevin is convinced that Ellie is going to be a "rockologist" (aka geologist) like her daddy because she loves playing with rocks. Little does he know that her mom is certain she is going to be an Olympic gymnast. *smile*

Josh is helping her play in the rocks -- in between skipping them.

She could have played in these rocks for hours, I'm certain.

Josh asked if he could take her out into the creek. She didn't complain about it; I'm really surprised.
Playing with a leaf ...
She thinks this leaf is pretty funny -- until she dropped it and it washed away down the creek.

Wading with mama.

Josh had a great time skipping rocks in the creek. Here he is searching for just the right rock.

Ellie playing with our friend, Sara.
After the ice cream social, Ellie grabbed her skirt and wiped her mouth. What a lady we are raising!!

Saving the best for last -- this was my favorite photo. They are so sweet together!!

Tonight when we got home, the neighbors were shooting their fireworks (likely since it rained so hard last night). After Ellie's bath, we all went out on the front porch and watched them. I was curious as to how she would react. She loved them, pointing and clapping during them. I'm glad. Maybe next year we can find a good show to take her and Josh to.


Jackie said...

Love that last shot!! Nola loves rocks, too. She sits on them, walks on them, organizes them, etc. Gotta love our girls :)

Rachel said...

These pics are WONDERFUL!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

The last one is great. I love the one of her standing up in the water by herself, too. And creek baptisms, how fun?! There's something special about doing it the way Jesus would have done it.