Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photos from the Lincoln Boyhood Home

Well, I don't think we have any pictures of the actual historical location (or at least I don't have any). But we have some cute ones of everyone. I notice my parents did NOT send any of the pictures I took of them (hint!)
Ellie, who is only interested in playing in rocks or mulch no matter where she is. Check out that diaper hanging out, too.

We took this picture to use in our upcoming post placement report. This is the first photo we have had made of all of us since we were in Kyrgyzstan meeting Ellie for the first time.

Bryce was excellent with Ellie this weekend. We told his mom that she needs to get him a little sister. My mom said she was going to "order" him one for Christmas this year. Ellie loved him too!!

Thanks to mom for the pictures!

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